Split PST Software

Easily Fragment Large PST File into Smaller Parts

  • Split large and bulky PST files by Date, Year, Folder and Size in bulk.
  • Split large PST file into any number of smaller sections.
  • Single panel utility, No need to navigate it on other screen.
  • Supports all versions of Outlook: 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002.
Split PST

Unicode Split PST Tool : When Overall Convenience Is What You Desire

The program is one of the most user friendly applications for fragmenting PST files because it also serves the ability of splitting PST files of Unicode formatting as mostly the users are stuck with 2 GB file size issues. Split PST software solution is designed with high-end technicalities that allow users to dissever their PST files within a safe range of procedure that ensures the security and retention of the file along with its metadata throughout the process of splitting Personal Storage Table file. The best thing about the tool that makes users bank upon it is the four differentiated splitting options provided with it.The software has capability to split large and heavy PST files into multiple smaller parts.Split PST Tool divides complete Outlook mailbox like personal folder, journals, contacts, calendar, task etc into smaller files.

Split PST Tool : Safely And Reliably Delivers Fragmented PST.

There are a series of queries that baffle users during the selection of a the program so, here we have dealt with a few of them via our software features only.

Is there a way to split unlimited number of PST files?: Yes you can surely split unlimited number of PST files with our highly efficacious Split PST software program which is designed with a technically sound range of background.

How can technically novice users to carry out this procedure with ease?: Users can effortlessly and understandably carry out the PST fragmentation procedure with our PST splitter tool as it has been integrated with a user friendly interface which is operable even by novice users.

By using Split PST Tool , can I work on Outlook version 2007 ?: Yes !! You can , the software supports all versions of Outlook (32 bit and 64 bit) 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010 and all version of MS windows.

Can I test the software application before purchasing it?:The free of trial version of the software can be downloaded by anyone from the website in order to test the software application before its purchase as part of the demonstration procedure.

Is it possible to fragment PST data specified manner?: The tool comes with four specified fragmentation options; split by size, folder, date and year so that you can particularize the dissevering procedure of your bulky and large sized PST file.

Demo Version for Free Trial of Split PST Software:

You can easily and quickly download the FREE Demo version of Split PST software to get familiar with the device and to assess its performance in doing the procedure to divided PST. Using the Trial Edition, you can split first 50 Outlook PST file of each Outlook directory. For breaking ALL the mail box products, you need the Full Certified Edition of our application.

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Tested Edition

A big Thanks to Our Client for reflecting software's performance!

Thank u for your kindness and the effort u have done with me in splitting my all large MS Outlook PST files through your software thank u thank again so much. -Aaliyah, USA
Big thanks for complete team of which has created this amazing Split PST software to split large sized PST files into smaller parts. Other wise it is a difficulties task to do work with Outlook email application which is full up large PST. -ADELA, Paris
The other day, I realized that, I don't want to any compromise with my work which is hampering due to large PST, so finally I decide to search an appropriate solution to boost up Outlook email application. Then I found Split PST software, really its amazing software, I feel happy and heartily thankful to developers of Your Group.-Peter Travers, Canada